The Frog and the Mouse


A mouse was happily singing and dancing on some grass beside a pond. A frog in the pond saw him and thought, “Wow! What a delicious mouse! It would be lovely to take a bite out of him!”So, the frog hopped over to the mouse and said, “Brother Mouse, would you be willing to be my friend?”The mouse replied happily, “Of course! Let’s play together.”

After they got tired from playing together, they lay on the grass to rest. The frog turned to the mouse and said, “Brother Mouse, are you hungry? Would you like to come to my house for a delicious meal?”The mouse drooled and said, “Okay! Where is your house?”The frog replied, “On an island in the middle of the pond.”The mouse said worriedly, “But I can’t swim, how can I get there?”The frog took a piece of rope and tied one end to the mouse’s foot and the other end to his rear leg. Then, he said, “In a moment. Just paddle the water behind me.”The frog then jumped into the water quickly and began to swim forward as fast as he could.

The mouse was dragged into the water and shouted, “Brother Frog, I’m drowning! Help!”The frog replied, “We’re almost there.”And pulled the mouse deeper into the pond. Eventually, the poor mouse drowned. Seeing this, the frog said happily, “Silly mouse, I didn’t want to be your friend. I only wanted to taste your plump and tender meat.”Just then, an eagle swooped down and picked up the mouse with its beak. The frog’s leg was still tied to the mouse, and so, he was also carried back to the eagle’s nest and became its dinner.

The scheming frog had received his just deserts. Remember never to plot against others and be wary of people who may try to harm you.