The Story of the Sun and the Rainbow


The world was dark in ancient times, so, the Sky God told his children, “Son, you be the sun. Daughter, you be the moon. Take turns to light up the world.” However, the older brother loved to play, and he often neglected his duties. Because of this, the world would often remain dark during the day for many months straight.

As people couldn't work during the day, the Sky God told his daughter, “Take your brother's place, and light up the world during the day.” When the brother returned after playing, he found that his sister had taken his place. He got angry and ran up to his sister and said, “You don't look anything like a magnificent sun! Let me show you how it's done!” He turned into the sun and shone very brightly. As there were two suns in the sky, the temperature rose, the rivers dried up, and the trees and crops withered. The people on earth could not take it anymore. During the day, they hid in a cave to avoid being burned by the suns, and discussed how to solve the problem.

Just then, a young hunter named A-Ge said, “Let me use a bow and arrow and shoot one of the suns down. Then everything will be back to normal.” That night, A-Ge took a seven-colored fishing pole and his bow and arrow, and set off in the dark. He rested by day and traveled in the dark by night. Finally, he arrived at the mountain top where the suns rose into the sky. The next morning, A-Ge shot at sister sun as she was rising into the sky. However, his arrow missed. It was almost noon when brother sun tried to join sister sun in the sky. But A-Ge used the hook on his seven-colored fishing pole to stop brother sun rising further. Then, he shot many arrows at brother sun, who lost so much light and heat that he became the moon, and A-Ge's seven-colored fishing pole became a beautiful rainbow.