To die for the fortune and the food


Once upon a time, there was a rich man by the name of Pang Tai Zu. He was not only rich but also had a big family. However, in the last years of his life, he was tortured by his own wealth that he couldn’t have a day passed in peace.

It was because his sons and grandchildren were all plotting as to how to get a finger on his money, now that he was old and useless.

They were secretly preparing all kinds of weapons so as to slaughter each other once Pang Tai Zu was no longer here. Knowing their plan, Pang Tai Zu was worried that his family would split and his fortune vanished eventually.

After a long thought, he decided to hire two bearers and ordered them to carry all his gold and silver to the mountain and bury them there. What he didn’t know was that these two were no less greedy than his own family. Both of them were also contemplating as to how to pocket the profit without sharing it with the other while carrying out their jobs.

One day, the thin bearer said,’’ We are working so hard every day. Why don’t you go first and I will buy some food for both of us, what do you think?’’ The fat bearer agreed. The thin bearer went to the drug store and bought the poison after buying the food. He mixed the poison with one of the dishes. Returning to the mountain, he handed the food with the poison to his colleague saying,’’ It was you who did the digging the whole morning, you worked so hard so now you must have some thing to eat.’’ The fat bearer was very hungry so he emptied the dish right away. When he finished, he said to the thin bearer,’’ I’ve been digging the whole morning, now you go ahead and dig. I’ll join you soon.’’ The thin bearer picked up the hoe, ready for work.

The fat bearer took the yoke and killed the thin bearer with it. While he indulged himself with what he just did, the poison started to work and he died immediately. This is what we call’’ (Human beings)To die for the fortune.’’ The wild birds ate the bodies of these two bearers and also died of the poison, This is what we call’’(birds)To die for the food.’’