The horse and the donkey


There was once a ranch owner who kept a horse and a donkey. Because of the approach of the Chinese New Year, he rushed the animals to the market in town to buy food and articles to use for the holiday. This year, the owner bought a great deal of things. Both the horse and the donkey were fully loaded.
The donkey had a cold and was much weaker than usual as he carried his sacks. When they were walking uphill, the donkey started to feel sick so he said to his companion horse, “Big horse brother, I can hardly breathe. Could you take some of my load?” When the horse heard this, he answered the donkey in disdain, “I have heavy load tied to my saddle, too. There is no way that I am going to help you.” So the donkey stumbled on slowly in pain. But after a short distance, he felt dizzy. Bleary-eyed, he begged the horse again, “Big horse brother, I can’t go much farther. Please carry some of the weight for me!” The horse answered, “No! I can barely stand myself! You’ll manage!”
After a few tottering steps, the donkey dropped dead on the ground. The master took a look at the dead donkey and then said, “It is so unfortunate that he died here! No help and no carts are available. The horse will have to carry everything!” The master hoisted the donkey’s sacks onto the horse’s back and they walked on. The horse then said to himself regretfully, “I’d have done better to help the donkey when he was alive! If only I had helped him, he would still be alive and I wouldn’t have to carry a double load! These are really heavy!”