The Lion and the Donkey


One day, a lion cub was searching for food in the forest. He saw a donkey in front of him. It was eating grass. The lion cub had never seen a donkey before. He thought to himself, "I have never seen such a strange animal before. It is larger and taller than me, could it be fiercer and stronger than my dad?" The lion cub felt curious, and continued to watch the donkey from behind a bush. Suddenly, the donkey brayed loudly. The lion cub was frightened by the sound. He thought, "Oh no! Did that animal notice me? Does it want to eat me?" The lion cub was so scared, he ran home immediately to find his father.

When he got home, the scared lion cub told his father, "Papa! I just met a strange animal. It was large and tall, and very loud. I thought it was going to eat me. So, I ran home immediately." Papa Lion said, "Do not panic when you come across something new. You should observe it calmly. Take me to see this animal."

The lion cub took Papa Lion to see the strange animal. When Papa Lion saw the animal he laughed and said, "This is a donkey. It does not have sharp teeth or claws, and cannot hurt even you. Go on, see for yourself."

The lion cub took a closer look. After a while, the lion cub realized that the donkey only knew how to eat grass and bray. And it was quite harmless. He was not afraid of the donkey anymore. The lion cub came out of the bushes and pounced on the donkey. The donkey was scared and tried to escape, but the lion cub said happily, "You do not have sharp teeth or claws, and cannot escape. So, you will be my dinner!"