The Wolf and the Shepherd


Tom was a happy shepherd. Each morning, after having breakfast, Tom would tell his mother, "Mama, I am full. Now, I will bring our sheep out into the fields to graze." Each morning, his mother would say to him, "Ok, be careful! Be sure to take care of our sheep, and protect them from the cunning wolf!" One day, Tom brought his flock of sheep to a grassy hill to graze. He was humming a cheerful tune when driving his sheep. Suddenly, out of the bushes jumped a scrawny wolf. "Go away, bad wolf!" Tom shouted nervously. However, the wolf did not attack his sheep. Instead, it followed quietly behind. Tom felt confused by the wolf's strange behavior, and guarded his flock of sheep closely.

The next day, Tom brought his sheep out to graze as usual. The wolf continued to follow quietly, and did not attack his sheep. Tom thought to himself, "This wolf does not want to eat my sheep. It even follows behind to protect them. Maybe it is a good wolf!" Slowly, Tom stopped keeping an eye on the wolf. On the third day, The wolf gobbled up some sheep while Tom was resting under a tree. By the time Tom realized what happened, it was already too late. The wolf had filled its belly and ran away. Tom said, "I should not have trusted the wolf and lowered my guard. It is too late for regrets now."