The Wise Ox


Once upon a time, A lion saw a huge ox eating grass by the river. The lion thought, "This ox looks so fat and meaty! Just look at those plump legs. What a delicious meal he would be!" The lion thought he had a clever plan to trick the ox. So, he ran back to his cave, and prepared a copper pot and a big metal fork. He planned to wait for the ox to enter his trap and eat the ox when he was not paying attention.

The lion came to the river and told the ox, "Mr. Ox, I want to invite you to my house for dinner. I have prepared a delicious feast." The ox replied, "Why would you invite me to your house for no reason?" The lion smiled and said, "I want to be your friend." The ox found it rather strange, but he agreed to go to the lion's house for dinner.

The ox followed the lion to the entrance of the cave. The lion rushed inside, but the ox stood at the entrance and looked inside. He saw that the table was empty, but there was a copper pot in the fireplace, and a big metal fork next to the table. The ox knew that something was wrong, and he left without a word. When the lion discovered that the ox had left, he ran after the ox and asked, "Why did you leave without saying anything?" The ox replied, "I left because you did not want to share your dinner with me. You invited me to your house to be your dinner." After speaking, the wise ox walked quickly away to safety.