Yingge Rock


One day, a soldier came running to General Koxinga and said, ”Another soldier has disappeared! What do we do?” Koxinga replied angrily, “There have been people missing for three days continuously! Go and find out what's happening.” Two days later, a soldier reported, “Someone saw a huge bird taking our men away.” Another soldier said, “I heard that the huge bird belongs to an elder of the Ketagalan tribe. The elder's son rides the bird to spy on us in the middle of the night. He abducts our soldiers and keeps them locked up in an underground dungeon.”

Koxinga was very angry to hear this and said, ”Send someone to bring me the bird. I don't care how you do it!” However, none of the soldiers returned. Finally, Koxinga lost his patience and said, “I am going to catch this bird myself, and make the tribe pledge allegiance to the Ming dynasty.” In the middle of the night, Koxinga saw the huge bird flying in the sky. He took out his bow and arrow and told the bird, “I am going to shoot you down today.” Koxinga released his arrow, which pierced the neck of the great bird. It screeched in pain and fell from the sky. When the Ketagalan tribe knew that Koxinga's army was coming, they fled in the middle of the night.

The next day, the soldiers looked everywhere for the great bird, but all they could find was a huge rock that was shaped like a parrot. Koxinga saw the rock and thought to himself, “There is a tiny hole in the parrot's neck. Could it be the huge bird that I shot down? The great bird has turned into stone.” From then on, everyone called the stone “Yingge Rock (Parrot Rock),” and the rock became an important tourist attraction in Yingge Town.