The Dragon King Plays Matchmaker


One day, the dragon king decided to play matchmaker. He happily announced, “I will choose an auspicious night, to join Guei-Hong Island of the north shore and Guei-Shan Island of Yilan in holy matrimony! It will be a lively and joyous event!” On the day of the wedding, the dragon king prepared many beautiful and precious treasures as wedding presents for the couple. He told his servants, “Quick! Make sure to bring all the pearls, carnelians, seashells, and a pair of auspicious candlesticks for the couple! Don't forget anything!” His fairy servants, generals, and soldiers streamed in and out of the palace to carry out the dragon king's orders. Even though everyone was very busy, they made sure to keep a smile upon their faces, for it was an auspicious day!

Before the bridal procession set off, the dragon king saw a cute and chubby fairy and told her, “You will join the bridal procession and stay behind as a maidservant.” Soon, the bridal procession set off. Shrimp soldiers and crab generals led the procession, and fairies carrying lanterns followed behind.

As the bridal procession passed by Jinshan, they were spotted by a young girl who happened to be emptying a chamber pot into the sea at night. When she saw the glowing lanterns and the lively procession, she shouted excitedly, “Everybody! Come see! The dragon king's bridal procession is here!” When her neighbors heard her, they came rushing out of their homes to admire this wondrous sight. The villagers were overjoyed to see the splendid procession. However, the dragon king's procession was startled by the sudden shouting of the young girl. The dragon king said, “Let's get out of here.” The cute and chubby fairy panicked and said, “Oh no! Someone noticed us! What should I do? I must get out of here too!” She flew away quickly, but she dropped one of her shoes. It became the fairy shoe on Yehliu Cape. The pair of auspicious candlesticks were also left behind. And they became the Twin Candlestick Islets at Jinshan Cape.