The Selfish Monkey


There was once a monkey and a squirrel who lived in the forest. They loved to climb trees, and soon they became good friends. The squirrel was very warmhearted, and offered his help to anyone in need. But the monkey had a totally different character. He only cared about himself. The monkey kept telling the squirrel, “Why do you bother yourself with other people's business? Take care not to get into trouble for helping others!” The squirrel replied, “Why would I get into trouble for helping those in need? I think we shouldn't be selfish. We should care about each other, and offer our help whenever needed!” They often quarreled about whether or not to help others.

One day, it was snowing very heavily outside. The squirrel and the monkey stayed at home and ate snacks while chatting next to the fireplace. Suddenly, a spark jumped from the fire and landed on the fur on the monkey's bottom. The squirrel wanted to help the monkey, but he suddenly remembered that the monkey had just scolded him yesterday for helping the elephant. So, the squirrel asked the monkey, “Should I help someone even though it is none of my business?” The monkey replied, “Of course not!”

Seeing that monkey's bottom had caught fire, the squirrel asked again anxiously, “Do you really think I shouldn't help someone in need, even though he is right before me?” The monkey replied irritably, “How many times do I need to tell you? No means no!” Suddenly, the monkey felt something hot. He looked at his bottom, and realized that his bottom was on fire! He shouted, “Help! I'm on fire! Get some water to put the fire out!” Squirrel quickly helped the monkey put out the fire. By the time the fire was put out, the monkey's bottom had already turned red. The monkey blamed the squirrel for being selfish, but the squirrel replied, “It was you who told me that I shouldn't care about other people's business. Why are you blaming me now?” The monkey realized he was wrong and blushed in shame.