The King of the Forest


There was once a martial arts competition to decide who was the “King of the Forest.” All the animals gathered to take part in the competition. The monkey and the rabbit were the first to compete. The monkey grabbed hold of the rabbit's long ears during the first round, and the rabbit had to surrender. The challenger for the second round was the tiger. The tiger roared so loudly that the monkey trembled in fear and jumped off the stage. The challenger for the third round was the elephant. He used his trunk to lift the tiger high up into the air. The tiger was afraid of getting thrown onto the ground, so, he surrendered immediately. The challenger for the fourth round was the mighty lion. The proud lion opened his mouth to bite the elephant, but the elephant trod on him, and wrapped his trunk tightly around the lion's neck. The lion had no choice but to surrender.

Seeing that even the mighty lion had lost to the elephant, the other animals were too terrified to challenge the elephant. The elephant thought that he would surely win the title, and he trumpeted proudly. Suddenly, a mouse jumped onto the stage and declared, “Elephant, I want to challenge you!” All the animals laughed. The elephant mocked the little mouse, “You are so tiny, how dare you challenge me?” The mouse boldly replied, “Yes, I want to defeat you!” The elephant said, “Then come, and be prepared to die!” Once the elephant finished speaking, he raised his foot to stomp on the mouse. But the nimble mouse dodged the elephant's foot. He jumped into the elephant's ear and began to bite the elephant furiously. The elephant could not stand the pain and rolled around on the floor. Finally, the elephant shouted, “Spare me! I surrender! I yield!” As the mouse defeated the elephant, he became the “King of the Forest.”