The Fox and the Woodcutter


There was once a fox who was chased by a hunter in the forest. As it fled, it called out for help, “Help! Someone save me!” A woodman happened to pass by on his way home, and the fox begged him for help. The woodman promised to help him and said, “The wood hut up ahead is where I store my wood. Hurry up and hide inside and you won't be discovered.”

Soon, the hunter arrived with his hunting rifle. He asked the woodman, “Excuse me, did you see a fox coming this way?” The woodman replied, “No, I didn't see any animals around here.” But he secretly pointed toward the wooden hut with his finger. The hunter was so keen to catch the fox. He did not notice the woodman's hint and ran away to look for the fox elsewhere.

After the hunter left, the fox came out of the wooden hut and prepared to leave. The woodman told the fox angrily, ”Hey! I saved your life! How could you leave without even saying a word of thanks?” The fox replied coldly, “You are such an untrustworthy person. I saw you pointing to the wooden hut to reveal where I was. Someone as untrustworthy as you, does not deserve my thanks.” Then the fox turned its back and left. The woodman was left ashamed and speechless.