The City Mouse and the Country Mouse


One day, village mouse wrote a letter to city mouse to invite him to the countryside. Village mouse was delighted to see his friend arrive. He offered the city mouse barley and wheat that he had collected from the fields and the barn. He told his friend, “You can settle down here. There is more than enough food for both of us. After eating, we can play in the forest.”

City mouse looked at the food and said, “Is this the life you lead and the food you eat? You should see the city where I live; Every meal is exquisite and delicious! Why not we set off for my home straight away! Let me show you around, and you will know how boring the countryside is!”

The two mice arrived in the city. They scuttled across wide streets and narrow lanes. Finally, they arrived in front of a beautiful house. City mouse turned and told village mouse, “This is where I live, isn't it beautiful?” Village mouse said excitedly, “Wow! Your house is magnificent!” Then, the mice climbed up the dinner table. It was full of delicious dishes that the village mouse had never tasted before. Village mouse sighed and said, “I always thought I led a good life, with an abundant supply of food from the fields and the barn. But after seeing the life you lead, I suddenly realize how unfortunate I am.” After that, the mice began eating the food on the table.

Suddenly, the door flew open and someone entered the room. The terrified mice hid in a hole in the corner of a wall. The scared village mouse told his friend, “Though you live in a beautiful house in the city, and dine on delicious food, I can't stand living my life in fear. I'd rather go back to the countryside and eat my plain grains and lead a free life.” After saying that, village mouse packed his belongings and set off back to the countryside.