Mother Bear


After a cold winter, mother bear and baby bear woke from their hibernation. Baby bear told mother bear, “Mama, I'm so hungry!” Mother bear said, “Come, I'll catch some fish for you to eat.” They came to a river. Mother bear was very agile and caught many fish in no time. Baby bear ate the fish happily. For the next few days, whenever baby bear became hungry, he would ask the mother bear to catch some fish. He never bothered to learn how to catch fish.

One day, when mother bear and baby bear came to the river, mother bear said, “Dear son, shall I teach you how to fish?” Baby bear leaned against his mother and said, ”I don't know how to fish. But you can do it so well! Won't you catch it for me?” Mother bear was worried that if baby bear didn't learn how to catch his own fish, he would not be able to feed himself in the future. So, she thought of an idea.

For the next two days, when mother bear brought baby bear to the river to fish, she stood in the river and moved very slowly on purpose. She let the fish escape every time. Then, she told baby bear, “Dear son, I feel ill. I don't have the strength to fish anymore.” For the next few days, mother bear didn't get up from her bed. Baby bear thought to himself, “Mama is sick and hasn't eaten anything for days, she will die if I don't do anything. I must learn how to catch fish, so that mama won't starve.” He carried his wooden bucket to the river and tried to imitate how his mother caught fish. He didn't catch any fish in the beginning, but the baby bear didn't give up. Finally, he learned how to fish! Soon, he filled his bucket with fish in no time. He brought the fish home to his mother and said happily, “Mama! I learned how to fish!” Mother bear thought to herself, “My plan worked! Though I had to starve for a few days, baby bear finally learned how to fish on his own.”