Jin-chai Brings Good Fortune


Once upon a time in Changhua County, there was an honest and helpful man that was the owner of a grocery store. On the morning of the new year, the honest man was just about to pray for good fortune, when he heard someone knocking on his door. The honest man asked, “Who is it?” The stranger replied, “I am Jin-chai (Fortune).” The honest man quickly opened the door and welcomed Jin-chai in.
As if by magic, the honest man's business prospered that year and he became very rich. News of this spread throughout the city.

There was another grocery store nearby whose owner was stingy and mean. No one liked to buy things from him, and he had no customers. When he heard the story about Jin-chai, the stingy man tried to find out where Jin-chai lived. Finally, he found Jin-chai. As the new year was almost here, the stingy man brought gifts and money to visit Jin-chai. He told Jin-chai, “Dear Brother, please knock on my shop door on the morning of the new year, and do not forget to say that you are Jin-chai!” Upon receiving the gifts and money, Jin-chai said happily, “That is easy! I will be there.”

On the morning of the new year, the stingy man woke up very early to wait for Jin-chai's arrival. After a while, he heard someone knocking at his door. The stingy man asked excitedly, “Who is it?” Jin-chai replied, “It's me!” The stingy man wanted Jin-chai to say his name, so, he asked again, “Who are you?” Jin-chai replied, “Dear sir, how could you forget? You gave me gifts and money a few days ago!” The stingy man asked again, “Are you Jin-chai?” Jin-chai replied, “Who else would I be? The devil?” Perhaps it was due to this unlucky reply, the stingy man's business suffered that year, and his family members fell sick one by one.

Those who heard the story felt amused. Everyone said that good fortune was heaven's blessing to good people, and stingy people would not be given the same blessing.