Dragon borrowing horns from Rooster


One day, the Jade Emperor decided to host a race for the animals to determine the order of the Chinese zodiac. A Dragon in the lake decided he wanted to take part in the race. The Dragon's body was covered in beautiful scales, and he had a pair of handsome whiskers. But because he was bald, it decided to ask a Rooster to lend him his horns.

The Dragon went to the bank of the lake and said to the Rooster, “Grampa Rooster! I want to be in the race tomorrow, can I borrow your beautiful pair of horns so I can wear them for one day? The Rooster replied, “I am going to the race too!” Not wishing to give up, the Dragon retorted “But your head is so small and those horns are so big! They just don't match you that well. Look at my big bald head… I can really use a pair of magnificent pair of horns like yours!” Centipede, who had been listening to the conversation up to this point, decided to jump in and said, “Come on, Grampa Rooster! Just do him this one favor; I'll be his guarantor, how does that sound?” The Rooter thought to himself, “Even without this pair of horns, I am still incredibly good looking.” So he agreed.

But when the race ended, the Dragon placed 5th and the Rooster came in at 10th place. The Rooster was very upset about this so he went to the Dragon to get his horns back. The Rooster called, “Brother Dragon, please return those horns to me!” Now unwilling to part with the horns, the Dragon answered, “But I think I am a better fit for these horns, more so than you!” The Rooster raised his voice angrily, “Those horns are MINE! Give them back to me now!" The Dragon simply dived back under the water without another word. Now fully enraged, the Rooster flapped his wings and screamed: “Brother Dragon! Give me my horns back! Brother Dragon! Give me my horns back!” But his angry calls were of no use. So he went to the Centipede. The Rooster said, “Uncle Centipede, please go and tell Brother Dragon to give those horns back to me.” The Centipede retorted, “But I can't swim! How do you expect me to look for him? You were the one who lent him your horns in the first place. If he refuses to give those back to you, you just have to live with the fact!” The Rooster became furious and ate the Centipede with one swift peck.

It was from that day onward, that people began to see Roosters eating Centipedes in the courtyards… Not only that, at the break of dawn each day, the Rooster would remember the horns he lost, and call out angrily as if to protest, “Brother Dragon, give me my horns back!”