The dependent baby goat


During the dry season, a mother goat took her youngster to look for grass without success. The mother goat then produced a bell and hang it on the neck of her son, ‘’ Stay here,’’ She said,’’ I will go and look for grass. If you were to encounter any danger, just alarm me by ringing the bell and I will come at once.’’ She then departed. But she didn’t go too far before she heard the bell ringing so she rushed back. “” What happened?’’ She enquired. “” Mother, please help me getting rid of the mosquitoes on my nose!’’ The baby goat replied.’’ You have to help yourself with this. Don’t depend on mother for every little thing.’’ The mother goat told him.
’’She left again. But it didn’t take long before she heard the bell again so she rushed back. The little goat yelled,’’ Mother, I have sand in my eyes, it hurts!’’ Mother said,’’ Close your eyes and you will feel better soon.’’ Then she left to look for grass.’’
She searched all the places in the mountain and was getting tired, so she took a rest under a tree. Suddenly she heard the bell again. She thought,’’ This child is too dependent on me.『Everyone is the architect of his own fortune.』He shall learn to stand on his own feet. Never mind.’’ But the bell just kept ringing and there were also sounds of wolves to be heard of, so she rushed back to her son.
Upon her arrival she saw a wolf was about to bite the baby goat. Hurriedly she chased the wolf away. Then she said to her son,’’ You see?You asked for my help for every little thing. How am I going to believe you if there was something serious happened?Thank heaven I came just in time. Otherwise you would be dead now.’’ The baby goat said,’’ Mother, I will learn to solve small problems myself and not to trouble you anymore.’